Funding Made Friendly

Outerfund is not a bank or lender but we are experts at connecting entrepreneurs, like yourself, with credit lines and loans to capitalize their businesses and protect their personal credit. Our acquisition team can secure $30K – $200K on your behalf to meet the expenses of a new business or to use as a business safety net in slow seasons. Whatever your situation, this funding can be the difference between starting really well or not starting at all. We’ve helped thousands of business owners launch.

Corporate Credit Cards

Corporate Credit Cards benefit all types of businesses: from start-ups to companies with years of revenue under their belt. This form of financing can not only be used for most business expenses but it is also one of the best ways to quickly establish and build a company’s credit profile and reduce the exposure to the owner’s personal credit.

Funds can be used for expansion, equipment, advertising, and most any other business expense. Plus, credit cards will not require weeks of paperwork like traditional funding. So why Capwell? There are many reasons but the main one is simple… We’ll get you tens of thousands more than if you go it alone.

Consolidation Loans

Business owners have become tired of the high frequency debit options offered by most funding companies. While easy to obtain, this path can lead to a company swimming to stay ahead. Our specialty is to help clients take these funding programs, get them paid off by a lower monthly payment, with potentially multiple year terms.Most clients see a 70% reduction in their monthly amount of payments with this program.

Unsecured Lines of Credit

An unsecured line of credit is the perfect financing vehicle for any growing business to make sure you have payroll on time, pay your vendors on time, or increase inventory to bring in more business. Only borrow what you need and payback at anytime.

Working Capital Advance

When you need to raise capital for your small business quickly, a working capital advance can be a shortcut to funding. This is a reliable funding option when margins for your business is high and you need a quick outlet to bid on a job, order inventory, or buy materials. When timing is the most important aspect, a working capital advance is a great option! The typical costs can range from 12 to 35 cents per every dollar that you borrow which also can play as a tax deduction.

SBA Loan Programs

Funding through traditional financing options will be composed of local and community lending institutions along with SBA organizations. They follow the traditional underwriting criteria and are more for established business owners or business 2+ years in business and a minimum of 680 FICO score. SBA Loans require full financials to get Approved. Our speed in this product is streamlined to get you funded faster than your local bank would. If you need up to 5 million to buy a business building, we can help! Terms up to 25 years. Typically you can expect rates between 7-13% APR.

Equipment Financing

You need to buy equipment? This will allow you not to tie up all your working capital or cash in a depreciating asset. Let the equipment make money for you first. With the loan being collateralized by the equipment and usually with low monthly payments up to 5 years, you will get ahead in no time!

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