Real Cost Calculator

At Outerfund, we believe that transparency is the key to good business. That’s why we created a real cost calculator for small businesses. If you are in the market for business financing, make sure that you investigate the real cost of a business loan, line of credit, or alternative funding option. Cost includes much more than the advertised interest rate – in fact, you’ll want to consider the origination fee, annual percentage rate, total of payments over the life of the loan and more. At Outerfund we clearly define these loan terms through our real cost calculator to help small business owners make the right decision.

Enter your desired loan amount and watch as our calculator deliver plug and play numbers that will help you determine how much you can afford and how much interest you would pay. A term loan is simple to work with and easy to manage on a monthly basis. It provides a predictable method of financing equipment, managing major capital expenditures and enhancing the purchasing power of your business. Instead of daily payments that can seriously impact your cash flow, our term loans require one simple monthly payment that fits well within a business’s budget.

Before you decide to secure business capital with a lender who may end up charging you an effective interest rate of over 80%, take some time with one of our funding engineers to see just how beneficial a business term loan through Outerfund can be! You’ll secure the financing you need, without sacrificing your hard-earned revenue to loan fees and high interest rates.

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