What it Takes to Take Control & Manage Your Career

As I’ve advanced further along in my career, the importance of being able to manage has become more and more of a priority. Managing isn’t just about the way you interact with your peers and supervisors. Managing yourself professionally, personally, and time is life. Take control of your own career regardless of your title within the company is about not letting other people choose your career path.

The skills used to manage is something that needs to be practiced and valued. It will help with your advancement at all levels of your career. The number 1 rule is:  Don’t waste time on things you can’t control. Focus only on the things you can. The first and most important thing is your job. There is no control without trust. To start, you need to do your job well.

Listening goes a long way

When it comes to taking control and managing efficiently, you need to be a good listener. Your listening tendencies are positively related to how proactive you are in the work field. If you become a great listener, what you say becomes more powerful, especially if you don’t speak often. Listening also makes people trust you more. Being able to share concerns and ideals, leads to other channels and doors that will soon open up.  

Help fill in the void

When you’re a good listener and you make an effort, you’ll start to learn about gaps and overlaps that exist in your organization. Both of these can provide an opportunity to take control and fill in the void. In every industry, voids exist. Part of managing time and taking control is being able to help out where needed and thinking up solutions in areas that are lacking. Filling in the void in an industry or company can become your game plan.

Manage consistency

In every area of your life, I urge you to be consistent. Inconsistency will kill all trust with your customers and your peers. The most key thing you need to keep consistent is your communication.

Stay positive!

Negativity kills too. No one will want to be around you. You might hang out with them, but not in the way you want. Others become just as negative as you then they plan on staying as far away from you as possible. Be someone others enjoy spending and managing time with. Since you’re looking to elevate, manage and take control of your career, try practicing these everyday tactics! Sooner or later you might be running the place.

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