Small Business is The HEART of Our Economy

Obtaining money for a small business is essential for the foundation of our economy and the driving force for our local communities. There’s nothing small about the impact of small businesses:

  • Close to 100% of American companies employ fewer than 30 people
  • More than 50% of Americans either work or own a small business
  • Small businesses create more than 1/3 of all new jobs in the United States

​Outerfund is extremely proud to support small businesses in their drive to change the world. Small businesses are critical to an environment that fuels innovation that drives entirely new economies. The revolutionary products and services that have disrupted established industries came from small business.

Outerfund specializes in Small Business with easy funding solutions!

To support continued growth, our company has remained deeply rooted in the culture of small business. Outerfund started with the idea that cloud funding should be as easy to use as it is to purchase something from Amazon.  Our team was founded with the idea of fast accurate funding technology and we believe this is where the industry is going. Over time, Outerfund has brought cloud, social and mobile processes to funding businesses of every size while still having a human touch as an essential part of our method.  When it comes to business, there’s nothing like reaching your contact and having that reassurance that you are truly in good hands!

​Obtaining a small Business Loan is challenging and can eat up your time!

You’re already working long hours, finding customers and employees, setting budgets and a million other daily business tasks – how do you fit in finding additional resources and funding?  We take care of it for you! We do more with less. Thanks to our resources, we make the most of your time. We know time is money! Realtime tracking of information. Once we establish a relationship, you will have access and timelines in your cloud to track all of your funding! We know our customers and treat them well. Outstanding service is essential to our success. We treat you like we would want to be treated. Transparency is our DNA.  It’s the only way we do business! If you are ready to chat about your business, give us a call  at (855) 501-5597 to reach a live person, not a robot! Get started and request a quote here!

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