Showing Gratitude to Your Team Goes a Long Way Towards Success

It is very important, now more than ever, to show gratitude. Here are a few ways to show that appreciation and recognition towards your team. 

1. Provide honest recognition

Yes, showing gratitude is as simple as saying “thank you”. However, you should take the time to recognize this person for something specific they did such as delivering that client project under deadline or providing exceptional support to a team member. You can also show you care by taking your appreciation one step further. It could be as simple as public recognition or a pat on the back. Either way let them know that you recognize it.

Understanding how your team members like to accept gratitude can go a long way in showing that you truly care.

2. Gift recognition

A  more common way to show appreciation nowadays to coworkers is to give a physical or monetary gift. This is a common ritual in foreign workplaces. Bringing your coworkers a gift or souvenir, such as a box of local goods, when you take a trip or vacation. It’s a way to show gratitude and good intentions to your coworkers who have “stepped in” for you while you were out of the office.

So if you can’t find the words, then give a great gift for that person on your team who deserves that recognition. Wrap that thanks with a bow and show them how grateful you are for their efforts at work.

3. Team participation

Showing gratitude doesn’t always have to come in the form of verbal recognition or by a gift. Giving thanks to others directly affects their perception of appreciation and value so what better way to do this than by involving your team in important projects and tasks. Employees feel valued when they can participate in decision-making and their skills are actually being used to the benefit of the company.

4. Being an Ear rather than a mouth

This is another simple way to practice gratitude and to show you value your team. Especially as a leader, you may assume you should be the one doing all the talking, but that’s not the case. This assumption is far from the truth. Most effective leaders are the ones who take the time to really listen to their employees and peers. There is no better way to show you appreciate someone by listening to them. To your team’s ideas, dreams and goals. The next time you are in a meeting or having a conversation with someone on your team, make an effort to fully listen and hear them out.

If you’re looking for ways to motivate and show your team you care, a simple thank you is the key ingredient! Don’t wait until the office party to express all your gratitude at once. Consistent expressions of gratitude are essential to fostering and maintaining a thankful culture.  Give Thanks And Watch Your Team’s Productivity Prosper.

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